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How Can I comfort a Grieving Friend?

I have heard so many heartbreaking stories lately. Sometimes, we simply can't make someone feel better in middle of their grief. Sometimes there are no amount of words, hugs or meals that can restore a person's joy or comfort their hearts. That doesn't mean we shouldn't be there. We should. We should reach out and show that we care even if it makes us uncomfortable (it isn't about US). We should tell people we are praying for them (and really do it). We should give those hugs, and take those meals. We should also give them time. Time to cry and be angry and grieve. We should give them time to heal (which could take a while.) As followers of Christ, grief is a time for a body of believers (THE Church) to hurt with those who are hurting and to care for those who are experiencing tragedy. This is the kind of love Jesus talks about. Healing can come. By the the power of the Holy Spirit, it WILL come. Joy will be restored. Hope will be renewed. Faith will be increased. Until then, Let's be the hands and feet of Jesus to one another. Take a look around. See that person who is hurting and show the loving kindness of Jesus to them in their moments of grief.

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